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Our Teas

White Tea

Fine white hairs cause the young, tea leaves to appear white. The leaves are dried before any oxidation can occur.

The flavor is generally light and sweet with no astringency. 


Spiced premium black tea. An awesome treat, especially  with milk and sugar.

Sometimes used as an after dinner tea.

Only natural flavorings are used in our chai teas.

Black Tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves provide strong, bold flavors. 

The complexity of flavor is surprising compared to bagged tea. They can be brisk, mellow, floral or sweet.

Some were picked from trees hundreds or even thousands of years old.

Only natural flavorings are used for our flavored teas, absolutely no artificial flavorings.


Teas aged under strict environmental conditions.

Pu-Erh was originally pressed into bricks and bowls to make transportation easier. The pressed teas were carried from Yunnan, China,  over the Himalayas by foot, to Russia by camel and Mongolia on ponies.

Pu-Erh is processed in such a way as to allow the enzymatic process to continue. This causes the flavor of the tea to change over time. 

Pu-Erh can be steeped many times with notable changes in flavor. Truly exceptional tea.


Sometimes called red tea, rooibos is a bush that grows in a small area in the region of the Western Cape province of South Africa. The leaves, similar to a pine tree's, are picked and allowed to oxidize. Oxidizing changes the color of the leaves from green to reddish-brown. It naturally contains no caffeine.

Roobis is slightly sweet and tastes like honey and roses. It is low in tannins and therefore has no bitterness.

Green rooibos is processed much like green tea but the process is much more demanding. It has a slightly grassy and malty flavor.

Our selection of rooibos blends contains natural flavorings only, absolutely no artificial flavorings.

Green Tea

Green Tea is oxidized, but less than oolong and much less than black. The fresh flavor and appearance of the leaf is retained.

The time the leaf is picked as well as each step of the processing affects the final flavor of the tea. There are many variations and have produced a wide range of flavors.

Chinese green teas have been pan fired and Japanese green teas have been steamed to stop enzymatic processes. Each produces it's own easily distinguished flavor.

Our flavored green teas contain only natural flavorings.