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Our Selection Of Premium Loose Leaf Organic Black Tea

Black tea refers to the color of oxidized tea leaves. Leaves are picked, wilted and allowed to oxidize fully. Leaves are often broken during the process to speed and allow for a more consistent oxidation. The brewing of broken leaves releases more flavor and caffeine than whole leaves would. Black teas are generally brisk and malty which pair well with milk and sugar.

Whole leaf black teas tend to be smoother and less astringent.

Our organic flavored black teas are created with organic premium loose leaf tea and will either contain real pieces of organic fruits or flowers or will be scented. Scenting tea involves exposing the tea leaves to the fruit or flower until the flavor has been absorbed in the tea. The flavoring agents are then removed from the tea. No chemicals or artificial flavors are used.

It is very important to monitor the steep time. Steeping too long will make the tea bitter. Always add more tea instead of more time for a stronger cup of tea.

Our organic teas are certified organic by one or more of the following organizations:

USDA Organic
SAI Global (NOP & COR)
Organic Farmers & Growers (EU)

Our organic teas can be infused multiple times. We suggest adding 30 seconds to the previous infusion time.