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Our Selection Of Organic White Tea

White teas are usually naturally dried and receive minimal processing. Leaves are withered in the sun or gently dried at low temperatures if artificial heating is required. Leaves are usually not rolled or allowed to oxidize. This causes the flavor to be lighter than green, oolong or black teas and the infusion to be light yellow.

White teas mostly come from the Fujian province in China where the tea most likely originated, and from Taiwan.

It is called white tea because of the fine white hairs on the unopened buds. These hairs may separate from the leaves and collect in the bottom of the teapot or cup. This is normal and does not affect the drinking of the tea. The hairs also do not affect the flavor but shows the youth of the leaves.

Our organic white teas can be infused multiple times. We suggest adding 30 seconds to the previous infusion time.

Our selection of organic white teas are certified organic by one or more of the following organizations:

USDA Organic
SAI Global (NOP & COR)
Organic Farmers & Growers (EU)