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Arctic Raspberry Black Tea

Premium loose leaf Arctic Raspberry Black Tea.

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Arctic Raspberry Black Tea fills the mouth with the flavor of sweet raspberries with hints of blueberry and elderberry. Contains high grown Ceylon black and white tea from Sri Lanka.

Tea plants were introduced to Sri Lanka in 1824 and it is now one of the largest tea producers. The cool temperatures and perfect humidity and rainfall in the country's central highlands provides an excellent environment to growing high quality tea.

Two leaves and a bud are picked by hand and quickly taken to a nearby tea factory. There, the tea leaves are spread out and withered, removing moisture. Leaves are then rolled, twisted, parted and left for oxygen to begin the fermentation process. Regulating the temperature, humidity and time of fermentation requires a lot of skill and any failure will destroy the flavor of the tea. During this process, the color changes from green to black and the leaves become hard. The leaves are finally heated to stop the fermentation process.

The tea is sorted by size and shape and then packaged for selling. Before exporting, the Sri Lanka Tea Board checks and samples each shipment to ensure only the finest quality teas are being shipped.

Ceylon black tea has a crisp aroma similar to citrus.

Ceylon white tea is picked and rolled by hand and then withered in the sun. It has a very delicate flavor with notes of pine and honey.

Excellent hot or iced, Arctic Raspberry Black Tea can be steeped several times.

Suggested Additives: Sugar and/or lemon.

Caffeine Content: Medium.

Antioxidant Level: High.

This tea is packaged in thick, bpa-free plastic bags with a reusable zip lock top to keep your tea fresh. One side is black, the other side clear. All bags are heat sealed.

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