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Golden Mountain Needle Green Tea

Premium loose leaf Golden Mountain Needle Green Tea.

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Golden Mountain Needle Green Tea grows in the heavy mists covering the volcanic soil of the Meng Ding mountain. The tea leaves are plucked every morning during the last 2 weeks of March before the rising sun dries the misty dew on the leaves. Only new leaves that are less than 20mm long are used. These leaves are lightly rolled to break the cells ever so slightly, immediately steamed to stop any possibility of fermentation and then painstakingly hand formed and pressed before final drying. The result is a green tea with wonderful, sweet honey-like flavor and extremely pale liquor.

Meng Ding Mountain, called "The Holy Mountain of the World's Tea Culture," in the Sichuan Basin is the birthplace of the Chinese tea industry and one of five peaks. The five peaks were declared a forbidden area and seven holy trees on Mount Meng Ding were fenced in with stone and named the Imperial Tea Garden. Tea has been farmed on Mount Meng Ding for over 2000 years and the Imperial Tea Garden remains today.

In 724 AD, the tea was selected as an imperial tribute tea for Emperor Tang Xuanzong. Wearing royal robes, beating drums and gongs, and setting off firecrackers to worship the "Holy Tea," government officials would supervise the careful selection and plucking of 360 tea leaves from the holy trees by the local monks. A professional tea maker would be chosen by the monks to process the tea while other monks chanted. When the tea leaves were ready, they would be placed into two silver bottles and then into a wooden box sealed with yellow silk. In every county and province the tea traveled through on it's journey to the Forbidden City, local officials would provide escort. Only the Emperor himself would drink the tea. Teas picked later and without ceremony would be given to the Emperor's family.

While our tea is not from one of the seven holy trees, the superb growing conditions are readily evident in every cup. This tea will not disappoint. Absolutely delicious.

Our premium teas can be steeped several times.

Suggested Additives: None.

Caffeine Content: Low.

Antioxidant Level: Very high.

This tea is packaged in thick, bpa-free plastic bags with a reusable zipper top to keep your tea fresh. One side is black, the other side clear. All bags are heat sealed.

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