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Iron Goddess of Mercy Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

Premium loose leaf Iron Goddess of Mercy Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea.

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This Tie Guan Yin was grown in Fujian Province, China, select leaves are harvested and allowed to wilt in the sun. The leaves are then shaken in tubular bamboo baskets to slightly bruise the edges of the leaves to allow fermentation to begin. The tea is then fired, resulting in a sweet orchid-like tea with a fragrant finish.

Our premium Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong tea can be steeped several times.

Suggested Additives: None.

Caffeine Content: Low.

Antioxidant Level: High.

This tea is packaged in thick, bpa-free plastic bags with a reusable zip lock top to keep your tea fresh. One side is black, the other side clear. All bags are heat sealed.

According to legend, young Guanyin was to be forced into an unwanted marriage by her father. Guanyin told him she wanted to marry someone who could ease three misfortunes: the suffering people endure as they age, the suffering of people when they fall ill, and the suffering caused by death. If she could not marry such a person, she would dedicate her life to religion. Her father asked who could do these things. She answered that a doctor could.

Her father became angry because he wanted her to marry someone wealthy, not a doctor. As punishment and in attempt to break her will, he forced her to do hard labor, limiting her food and drink. She persevered, begging every day to be allowed to enter a temple and become a nun. Eventually he allowed her to work in a temple but asked the monks to save for her the toughest chores to encourage her to change her mind. The monks agreed and forced her to work day and night, even while the monks slept. Nearby animals saw that she was such a good person and they began to help her with her chores. Her father saw this and became outraged. He attempted to burn down the temple. Guanyin put out the fire with her bare hands and received no injury. Her father, seeing this, became frightened of her and ordered that she be executed.

Guanyin forgave the executioner and upon her death, a supernatural tiger carried to her to a hell-like realm of the dead. Instead of giving in to the pain of her punishment, she played music and flowers bloomed around her because of her goodness. She saw the suffering and horrors being endured by those around her and was overcome by grief and was filled with compassion. She released all the good karma she had accumulated throughout her many lifetimes which began to turn hell into a paradise. In order to prevent complete destruction of his realm, the guardian of hell sent her back to Earth where she appeared on Fragrant Mountain.

Guanyin's father eventually fell ill. A monk told her father that he could be cured only by medicine made from the arm and eye of one without anger. The monk said that such a person could be found on Fragrant Mountain. The monk went to Fragrant Mountain and asked Guanyin if she would make the sacrifice for her father. She readily agreed.

Her father was cured and wanted to thank the person who had sacrificed so much to save his life. He went to Fragrant Mountain, found his daughter there and begged for forgiveness which she gave without hesitation.

Guanyin then began her journey to heaven. Just before entering heaven, she heard a cry of suffering below. She turned and saw all the suffering in the world. Her compassion caused her to return to Earth and vowed to not leave until all suffering had ended. She stayed on Mount Putuo for a few years were she calmed the rough seas and helped sailors and fishermen who became stranded. She then returned to Fragrant Mountain. She is still worshiped today as the patron of sailors and fishermen.

In Fujian Province, a poor farmer named Wei would walk to his tea fields every day. He would pass a rundown temple which contained an iron statue of Guanyin. Wei saw the temple's worsening condition and thought that something must be done but the farmer did not have the means to make the necessary repairs.

Thinking that it was the least he could do, one day Wei lit an incense offering and swept the floor of the temple with a broom he had brought from his home. He continued doing this twice a month for many months.

One night, Wei had a dream where Guanyin appeared to him and told him of a cave behind the temple. If he went there, he would find a treasure. She told him to take the treasure and share it with others. Wei went to the cave and found a tea shoot. He planted the tea shoot in his farm and nurtured it into a large bush. The tea made from the leaves was the finest he knew of. He gave cuttings of the bush to all those around him and began selling it under the name Tieguanyin, Iron Goddess of Mercy.

Over time, Wei and his neighbors prospered from selling their tea and eventually had enough money to repair the temple. Because of it's beauty, the temple became a beacon in the region.

Guanyin or Guan Yin or Tie Guan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. She was the female embodiment of the Buda's compassion.

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