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Mountain Dragon Green Tea

Premium loose leaf Mountain Dragon Green Tea.

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Mountain Dragon Green Tea is full flavored with light baked notes, grass and subtle eucalyptus. Safflower petals are mixed with Mao Feng Special grade green tea from Yunnan Province, China.

It is suggested that safflower flowers be avoided during pregnancy and breast feeding.

Our premium teas can be steeped several times.

Legend says that hundreds of years ago, a tea artisan working alone in the hills of Yunnan was attacked by bandits. After beating him, the bandits stole an entire season's worth of tea he was preparing for the market. He cried for help, but being alone his pleas only dissipated into the thick Yunnan forest unanswered. Too exhausted to make a fire as a moonless night brought complete darkness, he fell asleep.

That night, the tea maker dreamed of a dragon. The creature explained that he was the benevolent deity of a nearby mountain and had seen what the bandits had done. The dragon said that if the tea maker wanted help, he would have to travel to the top of the mountain to visit him. "How will I see to find my way in the darkness?" asked the tea maker. The dragon said, "I will light your path with dragon-fire to give you light and a warm wind to lift you up the mountain."

The tea maker did as he was told and reached the top of the mountain by morning. The dragon was pleased and told the man to climb onto his back. The dragon flew down into the valley and found the bandits making their way into town. With one fiery breath, the dragon burned the bandits to ash and then grabbed the sacks of stolen tea. The dragon then returned the tea maker back to his home and healed the man.

The tea maker decided to blend his tea with safflower petals to represent the fire of the winged beast. His blend was successful and he made enough money to attract a wife and never had to live alone again.

Feel the dragon's magic as you enjoy this delicious Mountain Dragon Green Tea.

Suggested Additives: None.

Caffeine Content: Low.

Antioxidant Level: Ultra high.

This tea is packaged in thick, bpa-free plastic bags with a reusable zipper top to keep your tea fresh. One side is black, the other side clear. All bags are heat sealed.

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