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Tie Luo Han Oolong Tea 2014 (Zheng Yan)

Tie Luo Han, Zheng Yan, 2014, Loose Leaf

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Tie Luo Han - 2014 Zheng Yan Wuyi Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

Tie Luo Han, or Tieluohan, is called Iron Arhat or Iron Monk in America. One of the Four Famous Oolongs. Called a yancha, or rock tea, because the trees grow in very shallow soil atop rock with high mineral content on the Wuyi Mountain. The water flowing down the mountain to the trees bring even more minerals. The small, family owned and run farm from which we sourced our tea is located in the Dahongpao Scenic Area, a national reserve that contains the original rock tea trees of Wuyi, China. The family has owned the farm for several generations. Their trees are at least 60 years old. The tea is processed entirely by hand except for stem removal.

Our Zheng Yan Tie Luo Han oolong tea was harvested from a single tree in 2014.

The leaves were twisted, dried and smoked four times over lychee charcoal to a medium roast and stored in a dry warehouse. The smokey taste is not from the roasting as lychee charcoal produces no smoke and adds no flavor, but from the tea itself. It is prominent but not overpowering, just another layer of flavor perfection.

The flavor is smokey, minerally and peppery with ripe fruits. It is highly complex with many nuances to explore. The minerals from the rocks in which it grew are apparent. The aftertaste lingers for several minutes.

A tea of exceptional quality, our 2014 Zheng Yan Tie Luo Han oolong rock tea will give strong, clear brews for at least 8 steeps, up to 15.

Suggested Additives: None.

Caffeine Content: Medium.

Antioxidant Level: High.

This tea is packaged in thick, bpa-free plastic bags with a reusable zip lock top to keep your tea fresh. One side is black, the other side clear. All bags are heat sealed.

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