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Wuyi Rock Tea

Wuyi rock teas (yancha) are grown in very shallow soil on top of the volcanic rock of the Wuyi Mountain in Wuyi, China. The mountain is on the northern edge of Fujian Province. The flavor is extraordinarily complex due to the numerous minerals that are absorbed from the rock. Rock teas can be oolong, white, green or black, but oolong is the undisputed champion. The flavors are very unlike any other tea. Rock tea from the Wuyi Scenic Area are considered the best.

Our rock teas have been sourced from a small, family owned tea farm. It covers land inside and just outside the Wuyi Scenic Area. We have secured these scarce teas that rarely leave China. The farm has been in the possession of this family for generations. Through the years, they have perfected the Wuyi processing style. The family grows, harvests and processes the tea themselves. Everything but stem removal is done by hand. No more than 70 kilos of any one type are created each year. This allows them to create teas of extremely high quality while maintaining the strict standards imposed by the Chinese government on trees grown within the park. Some of our rock teas, such as the Tieluohan, are made from a single tree.

The aged teas were stored in a dry warehouse to prevent the moldy smell and flavor common in pu-erhs. The great care taken in dry aging allows the astringency of the tea to mellow and the flavor to improve.

Expect to get around 15 steeps from these leaves.

We carry only the highest quality, genuine rock teas.

To experience these teas to their fullest, we strongly suggest the use of a gaiwan.

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Tie Luo Han, Zheng Yan, 2014, Loose Leaf Tie Luo Han Zheng Yan Oolong Tea 2014

Hand crafted Wuyi oolong.

Our Price: $29.99 for 50g (1.75oz)
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Ban Tian Yao, Zheng Yan, 2016 Ban Tian Yao Zheng Yan Oolong Tea 2016

Hand crafted and rare.

Our Price: $34.99 for 50g (1.75oz)
51 in stock!