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Are You New To Tea And Don't Know Where To Start?

All tea comes from the leafs of the Asian native Camellia sinensis plant. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Although all tea comes from the same plant, it is processed differently which is why we have a diversity of tea options. These categories are commonly known as:

White tea has more of a lighter to almost clear liquor. White tea's flavor profile is more of a refreshing, crisp taste, with lighter notes of sweetness. White teas aren't as bold as black tea, or as grassy as green tea, and tend to have no bitterness if brewed correctly.

Green teas can have a varieties of flavors. Most common in green tea are light, mellow, vegetal flavors. Japanese green teas can have more vibrant grassy taste. Green teas can have different flavors from smokey, sweet, or earthy depending on how the tea was processed.

Oolong tea's liquor can range from a light golden color to dark. Oolong tea's flavors can also range from a strong bold taste to a lighter earthy flavor. Oolongs are generally a good medium between a black tea and green tea.

Black teas
generally have a more bold, rich, smooth, malty flavor. Black tea liquor ranges from red in color to a dark brown. Some Black teas tend to be more astringent than others. Black tea is the most common tea used in the United States.

Puerh tea is aged for a minimum of six months. This process of aging gives this tea a complexity of earthy characteristics. Puerh teas liquor is generally dark in color (sometimes almost black) and may slightly lighten each time it is steeped. Puerh generally has a similar taste to some of the black teas but tends to be more smooth and less astringent. Puerh can be loose or pressed into cakes. These teas can be steeped multiple times giving a slightly different taste each time.

Looking For A Tea Without The Caffeine?