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Forbidden City Tea is an online only, loose leaf tea retailer based in Central Texas. It was created in 2016 with a mission to bring the highest quality tea to America with the lowest price possible. We have partnered with farmers in Wuyishan, the Guangdong Province and the Zhenghe Province of China. These farms are small and family owned. They have many years of tea growing and processing experience and produce exquisite oolong, black and white teas (and even the occasional green). They harvest from wild trees or farmed trees that receive no chemical pesticides or fertilizers. These teas are generally not certified organic as there is no need due to the growing conditions. We do not advertise them as organic unless they have been certified by a reputable organization.

Tea Farmers in Wudong Village.

Carrying harvested tea leaves in Wuyishan.

Our teas are harvested, processed and roasted or dried by hand. The result is a full leaf tea that be steeped many times before loosing flavor. Expect to get 8-15 steeps from these teas.

Fresh tea leaves drying in a building in Wuyishan.

Forbidden City Tea has an undying passion to bring teas with extraordinary flavors to you. Only the best teas are chosen because we drink our tea, too.

Wuyi teas are grown in rocky soil in the valleys of the Wuyi Mountain. This allows the tea bush to take in a large amount of minerals that give the Wuyi tea its signature flavor, unequaled anywhere in the world.

Phoenix Mountain tea trees are harvested one tree at a time. The leaves of one tree are kept separate from leaves of the other trees because the flavor of each tree varies even within the same cultivar. The flavor difference is due to the conditions of the soil in which the particular tree grows. These teas are called Dan Congs, meaning single bush. These teas have the most unique flavors of any tea. These teas could be more expensive because only 2 or 3 kilos might be harvested from a particular tree in a given year.

Zhenghe County produces white tea on par with, and sometimes exceeding, Fuding County. Zhenghe is a newer market and we are very pleased with their offerings.

If these teas are new to you, we welcome you to an amazing new world of flavorful teas. If these teas are not new to you, we welcome you to compare our teas to what you are currently drinking. We believe you will find superior value and exceptional quality in our tea.

Either way, we hope to add you to our list of happy customers while you enjoy a great cup of tea.

Thank you.

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