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We are an online only tea store in Texas committed to bringing you great tea. We strive to treat each customer to superior service and quickly and correctly fulfill orders.

Forbidden City Tea was created in late 2016 by two guys in Texas. Our goal was to seek out loose leaf teas of a higher quality than was generally available for a more reasonable price than we were seeing. There is nothing wrong with the teas available from wholesalers in the states, but their selection is ultimately limited and geared towards the cheaper end because, let's face it, those are the teas that sell. We weren't satisfied with that. We knew there were high end and rare teas that were retailing at pretty exorbitant prices. The flavor difference between a higher quality full leaf tea and a standard (premium) full leaf tea is about the same as the difference between a standard loose leaf tea and the dust of a mass produced bagged tea. It is pretty staggering. I like to compare it between black and white TV and color. Of course, when quality rises, so does the price.

So, in early 2017 we started building relationships with small scale farmers in China who produce exceptionally high quality teas, significantly better than the mass produced teas we had been drinking. The teas we found them creating surprised and excited us and we’ve been slowly adding them to our inventory ever since.

Tea Farmers in Wudong Village.

We found small scale farmers who actually care about their tea and know their tea intricately. The tea is very personal to they and they take pride in their tea. Because they also sell their tea locally, they tea they produce must stand up to local standards. Every aspect from growing to harvesting to processing to selling is controlled by them. Because of this, some teas may differ from what we might be accustomed to here. The most blatant difference we've discovered so far is in the Lapsang Souchong. The Lapsang Souchongs being sold online and in America are very smokey teas that have a predominant campfire taste, almost ashy. The Chinese prefer a much more balanced flavor so that the flavor of the actual tea leaf can be savored. There's nothing wrong with either of these, but until recently we had never tasted the Chinese version of this tea because it is typically not sold outside of China.

Harvesting tea leaves in Wuyishan.Carrying harvested tea leaves in Wuyishan.

The relationships with farmers that we have made is allowing us to bring some of these teas formally held in country to you. These teas, in the past, could only be bought directly from their local outlets. For this reason, we will have some teas that are available nowhere else online. We are pleased (ecstatic?) to be able to buy high quality Wuyi rock teas, Wuyi black teas, Dan Congs, white and green teas directly from farmers in Wuyishan, Wudong Village, Daping Village and Zhenghe County. Buying direct allows us to sell the tea at a much lower price than can be found elsewhere, 2 to 3 times less. Buying direct also enables the farmers to get a fair price for their hard work, a price they set and deserve.

Harvesting tea from a small bush in Wuyishan.

If our prices seem high, we encourage you to try one. The quality and flavor will surprise you. If the price seems low, you should absolutely try one as the quality and flavor will rival that of teas being sold for much more.

Thank you again for shopping with us. We hope to win your confidence and exceed your expectations. We welcome any and all feedback on our teas.

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