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Most in stock teas harvested prior to 2019 are discounted.
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Limited time offers:

Buy any three of the following teas and get a free 90ml Plain White Porcelain Gaiwan. You must add the gaiwan to your cart and use coupon code GAIWAN at checkout.

Requires purchase of any three: Shou Mei White Tea 2009, Bai Mu Dan 300g Cake White Tea 2009, Xing Ren Xiang Oolong Tea 2017(Dan Cong), Zhenghe Dragon Green Tea 2018 Organic, Bai Ye 2018, Lapsang Souchong Black Tea 2018 Unsmoked, Jin Jun Mei Black Tea 2018, Bai Mu Dan White Tea Organic 2018, Da Wu Ye Oolong Tea 2019 (Dan Cong), Ya Shi Xiang Oolong Tea 2019 (Dan Cong), Jin Jun Mei Black Tea 2019, Lapsang Souchong Black Tea 2019 Unsmoked, and any tea in the Wuyi Rock Tea category.